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What are Sparks?

Sparks are a one-time use token that can be sent to another member who has sparked your interest. Send one by tapping the Spark button that appears between the Pass and Like buttons while viewing a profile. The member you Spark will receive a notification and will see Sparks raining down on your profile when they view you!

If another member has sent you Sparks, you'll receive a notification when you log in, keep swiping through new profiles to reveal who has sparked you!

Supporting Members receive 15 Sparks each month as a part of their membership benefits. Membership Sparks do not roll over month to month as membership renews so make sure you send your Sparks to profiles that interest you each month! If you choose to cancel your subscription, any unused Supporting Membership Sparks will expire on the last day of your subscription period.

All new #open members receive 3 Sparks upon sign-up, these Sparks do not expire. Sparks purchased ala carte do not expire and can be used at any time.