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Preferences Page

#open uses hashtags to allow players to communicate their preferences and desires as well as search for others that share their interests. The Preferences tab is the second page you’ll see during the profile creation process. 

If you already have a profile, access this page by tapping the Settings icon in the top left of your screen, then tap the Preferences tab. 

The Preferences tab has 3 lists: 
I’m/We’re open to; Looking for; and Interests

These lists can be renamed. To do so, tap the Rename hashtag list button then tap the Rename button. Select a name from the list of choices or create your own. 

These lists can be set to hidden (must have 1 visible # to complete profile). You’ll see a toggle to the right of each list. Toggling to the off position will hide that list from the view of other members and prevent them from seeing you in their hashtag searches. 

Making a list visible means that any players viewing your profile will be able to see that list. Your profile will also be displayed in the search results if someone uses the app’s Search function to find users with any of the hashtags that you have included in your visible lists.