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Sending/Accepting a Partner Invite

Sending a Partner Invite:

To team up with a partner:

  1. Partner 1, start by creating your Partnered profile. Just hit the "Solo/Partnered" button from the Profile tab of Settings to get started.

  2. Next, invite Partner 2 by tapping the "Invite Partner to Join" button. You can use their username if they're already on #open with a solo profile or their phone number if they're new to the app.

  3. After you hit send, watch as the Partnered account goes into pending mode, like a suspenseful movie trailer!

Quick note: Remember, only one of you needs to create the partnered account and send the invite. If both of you do it, the app's gonna be like, "nope, that's not how it works."

Accepting a Partner Invite:

Now, when you're the lucky one receiving an invite, it's party time! 🥳

  • If you already have a solo profile, log in and tap that "Solo/Partnered" button in the Profile tab. Underneath your solo profile, you'll spot the invite. Just hit "Accept Invite" and bam, you're officially partnered!

  • If you're brand new to the app, your partner's gonna send you an invite via text. Check your messages for that invite, then open the app. Enter your phone number and let's get this show on the road! You'll see a pop-up about that Pending Invite—just tap on it, and then the "Accept" button.

  • From there, you'll be whisked away to set up your partner profile just the way you like it. Click "Next" through those setup screens, and on the fourth one, you'll get to put the finishing touches on your profile. Once you've agreed to the rules (yep, gotta play by the rules, friends), you're ready to start swiping your way to fun times!

So, go ahead, team up, and make some #open magic happen! 🌟