Accepting a Partner Invite

When invited to join a Partnered profile, you will receive a notification informing you of the invitation. 

If you already have a #open solo profile: 
When you log in to #open, tap the Solo/Partnered button in the Profile tab. Below your solo profile, you’ll see the partner profile you’ve been invited to, along with a button to Accept Invite. Tap this button. You’re now partnered! 

If you do not already have a #open profile: Your partner will send an invitation to your phone number, you’ll receive a text message stating you’ve been invited to #open, tap the link.

Open the app and enter your phone number to log into the Let’s Get Started screen, tap to continue You’ll see a pop up that you have a Pending Invite, tap the bubble next to the Profile and tap the Accept button to proceed 

You’ll be taken to the partner profile set up screen so you can edit as desired. Continue tapping Next through the 4 setup screens, screen 4 will allow you to finish the profile Once you’ve finished your profile setup, you’ll agree to the rules and then you’re ready to swipe!