Setting Boundaries

After filling in your profile details and Preferences, there is one more step to complete your profile in #open: setting your Boundaries.

The Boundaries tab is the third page you’ll see during the profile creation process. If you have already created a profile, you can access this page from within the app: tap the Settings  icon in the top left of your screen, Boundaries is the default tab. If you navigate to another tab on the Settings screen, you can just tap the Boundaries tab to return.

You can add up to 30 hashtags to the Boundaries list. Add hashtags by typing in the text field. Tap Return to save the new hashtag, and then keep typing to add another. 

To the right of the Boundaries list, you’ll see a toggle. Use this to make the list visible or hidden (the Boundaries list is hidden by default). Making a list visible means that any members viewing your profile will be able to see that list. Your profile will also be displayed in the search results if someone uses the app’s Search function to find users with any of the hashtags that you have included in your visible list.